This document outlines the steps and activities that take place during the onboarding of a new Loop customer. The activities outlined here are Benbria’s standard onboarding workflow – your deployment may require non-standard items that will have been documented in the agreement between your organization and Benbria. The document also contains a series of best practices aimed at improving Loop adoption and driving management activities based on data from available Loop reports.

Onboarding Activities

Many of these activities described below occur in parallel. A typical Loop onboarding project takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete from the date your Customer Success Manager receives a signed agreement.

Post-Launch Activities

Once you go-live with Loop, Benbria will actively monitor the performance of your Loop account, and, where applicable, suggest changes to your account’s configuration and workflows to maximize the effectiveness of your Loop deployment.

At regular intervals throughout your engagement with Benbria, our CSM team will meet with you to review results, discuss features or functionality, and address any questions or issues that you might be encountering.

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