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GDPR Controller Information Disclosure Template
GDPR Controller Information Disclosure Template
Written by Aniko Villeneuve
Updated over a week ago

To assist our customers acting as Controllers under GDPR legislation, the following template may be used when collecting guest information that will be processed by Benbria and the Loop platform. This template is designed to satisfy Article 13 of the GDPR.

For clarity in the template we have used friendly labels. Each label maps to GDPR concepts as follows:

Disclosure template:


<Business Name, Contact Details>, <DPO Contact Details>

To offer you our messaging and feedback service during your stay using the Loop platform, we share with Benbria Corporation (the Canadian-based software vendor and Processor) your name (for message personalisation), your preferred contact method (either email address, mobile phone number for texting or other as provided) and basic anonymous stay information (such as check-in and check-out dates). Benbria uses your personal information only to send you messages on our behalf using your preferred contact method, including Mailgun (if by email), Twilio (if by texting), Twitter (if by Twitter Direct Messages), Facebook (if by Facebook Messenger) or another third party (if by another channel). The Loop platform uses automation features to assist us in responding to you more quickly, accurately and thoroughly. Your personal information will be retained for the duration of our relationship with Benbria on secure virtual servers owned by Benbria and located in the United States. The European Commission has made an adequacy decision for both Canada and the US and deems both to provide adequate protection.

Regarding the personal information we collect from you, you may request of us at any time: access to your personal data, or, that we erase your personal data. You have the right at any time to withdraw your consent for this service (via <insert link or instruction>) or lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.


While it is the Controller's duty under GSPR to process information requests or "forget-me" requests, Benbria also provides a path for the European Union citizens to do the same directly. Individuals may make similar direct requests of Benbria as follows: and select "GDPR Inquiry"

For further information or explanation, please contact your Benbria representative.

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