Overall Behaviour:

Each day at the configured time in the local timezone of the hotel (3pm by default), all guests checking out on the current day will receive an invitation to review on TripAdvisor via Loop Messenger and any other active channels registered in their profile (e.g. SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger).

The invitation message sent via Text and Email contains a link to the Loop Messenger conversation where a TripAdvisor "Review Collection Widget" (RCW, hosted for Loop by TripAdvisor) will appear. An example of this experience is shown following.

Hotels or staff members are not able to control or block guests from receiving the invitation to review, aside from turning off the feature.

Review Experience

At the time of the event guest will see:

The guest has two options: Click “I consent” or click the TA logo directly.

When the user checks the "I consent ..." box, the RCW will appear and personal guest details will have been shared with TA in the process.

Note that on the first page of the RCW, the question "When did you visit?" will be automatically filled in with the available guest stay information. Guest email and stay details will be shared as well.

Before submission, the user is required to provide their first name, last name, email address, display name, and current city. These will be pre-filled with whatever guest record information is available in the Loop system.

If the guest does not consent but clicks the TA logo, the review widget will also open but all guest information fields must be entered by the guest.

Once the review is submitted, a customizable appreciation message is displayed in place of the RCW. This message shows the “overall” rating reviewed by the customer and will persist in the conversation timeline.

Hotel Staff Experience

On the staff timeline, the following message is displayed in the manager inbox to indicate an invitation to review has been sent to the customer:

A second message is displayed in the manager inbox after the review has been approved:

Via Email Message

The email content received by a guest is as follows (note: the long-link is replaced by a <a> tag in production):

Note: The ‘long form’ link in the screenshot above has been replaced by a proper <a> html tag.

Via SMS Message

Similar to the above.


Loop downloads, parses and saves jointly collected TripAdvisor reviews from TripAdvisor server into the Loop database.

The full review content in the manager inbox is displayed when ready:

The TripAdvisor metric is available on the reporting dashboard:

The TripAdvisor in-depth report (full account is also supported, with no goal line) displays the TripAdvisor ratings received via the following:

The reported TripAdvisor Rating is the average rating over jointly collected reviews (reviews created from the Loop-embedded RCW). The goal for this TripAdvisor Rating metric is the average TripAdvisor rating of the location at the time corresponding to the bucket label, over all reviews (as reported on TripAdvisor website).
 **The screenshot are using manually generated data, hence the quite varying TripAdvisor rating values. Real data will likely show much more stable values.

Add a TripAdvisor metric to Messenger weekly email report:

The Messenger Guest UI does not currently display the full review content.


The TripAdvisor Integration requires configuring each location individually:

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