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Loop Messenger Channel Embed via URL
Loop Messenger Channel Embed via URL
Written by Aniko Villeneuve
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The Loop Web Messenger Channel can be delivered to guests (inside an app or directly) containing URL parameters. If a conversation is initiated, the additional contact, stay, conversation and other details appear in the contact profile panel within a conversation to give team members additional information on the contact, thereby allowing them to provide better service.

When guest and stay information is provided via URL parameters, the relevant fields are populated automatically in the system.

Integration Detail

Base URL:

  • http://<youraccount>.blazeloop.<com|net>/loop/create/<locationShortCode>?<queryparams>

Supported URL query parameters are:

ui - Controls which user interface features are available from the guest Timeline. Options are: default, messenger or ondemand

  • default - uses the current system configuration for the select channel

  • messenger - only the Messenger (chat) feature is available.

  • ondemand - only the OnDemand (request) feature is available. This option requires an OnDemand menu be configured for the location, otherwise, it will show the following misconfiguration error:
    "This location's Loop OnDemand menu is not configured."

Example URL:


  • 1000” is the location short code,

  • card is a custom field shortcode

  • All other fields as examples from the field list above

User ID Alternate

You can also create a loop for a specific user, given their user ID, via:


Embedding Information

It is recommended the URL be hidden from Contacts (to prevent URL-hacking) by embedding in an app frame. An example below:

The App must designate a frame into which the Loop page will be drawn (shown here as dotted outline). Branding and themes are fully configurable; configured to match the look and feel.

Loop supports URL-encoding of the location number and other fields. See Loop Messenger Web Embed via URL for details.

Loop App State

The Loop mobile UI is a self-contained, stateful HTML5 web application which does not require a ‘page re-load’ after initialization. All user actions within the Loop application do not require a page re-fetch, as depicted below:

User Profiles & App Sequence

Using the Loop RESTful Web Services API, an App or third party system (‘Other System’) may optionally create a user profile in Loop before loading the Loop interface. A pre-created user profile allows a more rich and convenient user experience for the guest (not covered in the basic "/" integration).

In the figure above, the Contact user account is optionally created by either system before fetching the Loop mobile web UI (out of scope here).

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