In comparison to the A-Series, highlights of the Loop® C-Series kiosk and scoreboard solution are:

  • Powered by Chrome-based devices for improved device management and cost efficiency.

  • Improved local connectivity with Local Live Update to better-handle network issues.

  • Multiple connection options including Internet, WiFi, Wired Ethernet and HDMI.

  • Additional enclosure options that are most cost effective and easier to transport.

  • Full LDM support for remote device management and field support.

  • Full Pulse feature support for the full kiosk and scoreboard experience.

C-Series device options are shown below (with detailed components listed following):

Powering both the C-Series Kiosk and Scoreboard is the Loop® Feedback App. This application delivers either the Loop Kiosk, the Loop Scoreboard or both (in the case of Direct-Link) on an installed device. The app provides configuration management, software updates, content refreshes and local communication between kiosk and scoreboard devices when configured in Local-Link mode (see the Loop Pulse C-Series Hardware Guide for more detail).


To start off, ensure you have gone through the Hardware Setup Guide for C-Series Loop Devices for your device.

When your device is powered on, the Chrome Loop Client is started automatically and the splash screens will appear. Then if the settings are not already filled in, the settings page will appear as follows:

Please note some of the fields may be pre-filled by the account configuration and therefore not editable. The rest are sent out to you separately from this document.

On a Scoreboard device, a user will use the physical keyboard to navigate between the options and update them as described in the instructions in the image above. On a Kiosk device, a user may touch the screen or use the trackpad to navigate between options.

When all the properties in the settings page are filled in correctly, the Start Device button will be enabled as follows:

Upon pressing Start Device, the device will automatically start in whichever Device Type you have selected.

If you are configuring Direct-Link (from your Loop CBK Tablet to the Scoreboard display), the primary display will automatically be the Kiosk and the secondary display will be the Scoreboard.


There are two ways to access the Administrator page: 1) double tap/click the bottom right corner of the user interface or 2) press CTRL+SHIFT+A (on a Scoreboard device method 2 is the only option).

When prompted, enter the Password used during the initial setup.

The Administrator page provides access to administrative actions and additional device information.

In the actions section an administrator can:

  • Restart Device - Loop Client will restart with the same settings

  • Setup Device - Go to the Device Settings page to change settings

  • Factory Reset - Wipe all settings and go to the Device Settings page

  • Exit Admin Return to normal use

In the Device Information section the Total and Free amount of device memory in megabytes is displayed, as well as the Chrome OS Version and the Network Connectivity status.

In the Loop Client information section the Start Time, Automatic Restart, Version are displayed. Version may display (Update Available) if one is detected.

To select actions on this page with a touchscreen device (Kiosk) a user can press any of the orange buttons. Another method of selecting actions with a physical keyboard (Kiosk & Scoreboard) is to simply press the corresponding keys to each action (1, 2, 0 and ESC).

Known Issues

  • Rarely when the device is starting up, it may hang on the screen saying “Waiting for Application Window”. Turn off the device and turn it back on again should restore it back to normal.

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