The Benbria team is always busy; with new software being deployed regularly, sometimes your browser may have ‘stale’ information and something might be off. We do our best to tell your browser how to pull the 'freshest' content from our servers, but if you notice weird behaviors when using the Loop Inbox (or other pages) you can try a Hard Reload as a first step.

To perform a Hard Reload, based on your system and browser press the keystroke below:

  • Windows/Chrome: Ctrl-Shift-R

  • Windows/Safari: Ctrl-Shift-R

  • Windows/IE: Ctrl-F5

  • Mac/Chrome: ⌘Cmd-⇧Shift-R

  • Mac/Safari: ⌘Cmd-⇧Shift-R

This command is like a normal refresh, but it tells your browser to fully refresh the page - including things it may have cached to save you time.

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