Level III Support

The Benbria level three technical support process (“Support”) is provided to address product-specific technical issues (e.g. bugs, errors or outages). The process is detailed below. Bugs or software issues meeting the criteria for Level III support are called ‘Issue Reports’ and will be handled promptly by Support according to the active service agreement.

See Support Contact Info for how to contact support (in-app, email, phone, etc.).

New Issue Report

The Customer technical contact person must provide the following information to Support to open a New Issue Report:

For all issues:

  • Affected Store(s) (store #s)

  • Affected Device(s) (Kiosk, Scoreboard)

  • Specific Devices Affected (iPad, iPod, Monitor)

  • General Description of issue

  • Time of issue

  • Frequency of issue (if repeated)

  • Steps to reproduce (please provide specific details to recreate the issue, as specific as possible)

  • Store contact information (name, store phone, store email)

  • IT contact information (for Wi-Fi connection log access)

  • Screenshots or pictures of device/page/monitor/screen (if possible)

If a Scoreboard issue:

  • Scoreboard visible state: (Online, Online with Wi-Fi disconnection icon (top corner), Local Connection Error, Internet Connection Error, Server Connection Error, Off (black screen))

  • Device Confirmation: iPod powered, on and responsive

  • Software Confirmation: iPod Loop App on and responsive

If a Kiosk issue:

  • Kiosk visible state: (Online, Device On, Off (black screen))

  • Device Confirmation: iPad powered, on and responsive

  • Software Confirmation: iPad Loop App on and responsive

If a Staff Web UI issue

  • Affected user's Username

  • Specific URL of the issue (page address)

  • Screenshots if possible

If Guest Web UI issue

  • Specific URL of the issue (page address)

  • Screenshots if possible

Level I/II Support Troubleshooting Steps:

The following debugging and diagnosing steps are the responsibility of the Level I and Level II support teams and process:

  • Ensure the affected device is powered and on

  • Ensure iOS version is up to date

  • Ensure Loop App version is up to date

  • Ensure device is connected to Wi-Fi

  • Ensure device is connected to the Internet

  • Ensure the device configuration is correct per instructions (e.g. guided access mode configured)

  • Ensure the app configuration is correct per instructions (account, store #, scoreboard/kiosk mode)

  • Ensure the setup and test procedure has been correctly followed

  • For Guest or Staff Web Experiences, have attempted a Hard Reload to refresh the page

  • Perform a soft reboot of the device (power off button, power on)

  • Perform a full reboot of the device (hold power off button until device prompts, select 'turn off', wait for device to fully power down, press and hold power to turn on - you should see an Apple or ChromeOS logo during boot-up)

  • If available, connect to a secondary internet connection (using tethering to a mobile phone or a nearby hotspot).


The following issues are not covered by Benbria Level III technical support:

- Hardware failure (e.g. device won't power on; cable or connection issue; issues with the battery, ports, the screen, etc.)

- Local connectivity problem (e.g. Wi-Fi router configuration, signal strength, whitelisting, intermittent signals, network quality issues)

- Internet connectivity problems (e.g. ITSP connection issue, outage)

- Hardware Configuration issues (e.g. wiring, power, Wi-Fi)

- App configuration issues (e.g. incorrect store numbers, incorrect account name, incorrect app mode (scoreboard/kiosk))

- Device configuration issues (e.g. guided access mode not enabled, unrelated software installed on devices, out of date OS version)

- Loop store and user provisioning issues (e.g. store config, user config)

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