We are pleased to offer support for Loop on the most popular and widely-used mobile and desktop browsers. While we would love to support all versions of all web browsers, only more popular and modern browsers are able to provide the level of experience we expect of our products.

Below is the list of web browsers fully supported by Benbria for the Loop Platform:

Fully Supported Browsers:

Full support means Benbria tests the following Loop experiences against the latest version of each browser and guarantees compatibility:

  • Loop Team Inbox Experience
    (including reporting, natural language and administration pages)

  • Loop Guest Web Experiences
    (including the Messenger and Pulse mobile experiences)

  • Loop Pulse Experiences
    (the web kiosk, web scoreboard and embedded pulse components)

For IE11 (ref. note 1), Benbria supports the Loop Team Inbox Experience fully on this browser. The Loop Guest Web and Loop Pulse Experiences are not actively supported.

In addition to the latest version of each browser, Benbria fully supports (for bugs or issues reported to Benbria support) any version released within the last 12-months.

Having a problem? To report a bug with your experience, please start a conversation with our support team within your Loop Inbox:

Other Browsers:

While Loop should run on the following browsers (yeah!), if not... Benbria does not formally support these browsers and is not able to troubleshoot issues.

If you experience issues using Loop with an unsupported browser, we advise you to download a supported browser and try again before contacting support.


(1) https://www.netmarketshare.com/browser-market-share.aspx

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