This Service Level Agreement (SLA) impacts all customers and will apply to Benbria customers based on their deployment package.

High Availability Targets

Given that Loop is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) and the system is continuously monitored by the Benbria team, critical incidents are addressed rapidly and the system architecture is designed for high availability.

Hours of Operation



Benbria provides a wealth of information regarding all maintenance and operational aspects of Loop in the form of a well-structured and searchable knowledge base. Please consult these resources for solutions before contacting support.

Loop Knowledge Base

The Benbria Loop Knowledge Base can be accessed at the following URL:

The frequently asked questions and new releases are updated on a regular cadence. We encourage all power users of Loop to review and reference materials from the knowledge base and search for readily-available answers in order to self-diagnose and speed up incident resolution.

Incident Reporting & Response

Support Contact

Benbria provides multiple methods for reporting incidents. The following methods are ordered by preference.

When submitting an incident, the following information should be provided:

  • The problem currently being experienced.

  • The approximate date and time the problem occurred.

  • The troubleshooting performed to date.

  • The contact information of the individual making the request.

Incident Classification

Benbria applies the following classification to incidents for reporting and review purposes. Changes are subject to regular review and additional fees depending on the frequency.

Incident Prioritization

After an incident has been reported to Benbria and triaged by the support team, a priority level is assigned based on the estimated impact and urgency of the incident. Benbria’s response to the issue will be based on the objective of addressing and resolving problems within standard hours of operation.

Impact Classification

Urgency Classification

Priority Matrix

Priorities are determined using the table below leveraging a combination of Impact and Urgency level:

Response & Resolution Targets

Target Response Times

Target Resolution Times


Email Notifications

Email notifications are sent based on the lifecycle of the incident. Formal notifications as they relate to response and resolutions targets are discretionary and based on the priority.

Reporting & Review

Benbria provides access to incident related data via the self-service portal. Benbria recommends an annual SLA review cadence. Reviews can be scheduled at any time by contacting support.

Hardware Issues

Hardware issue reporting, warranty and RMA processes are captured here.

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