Survey Actions

Automating action with survey actions and tasks

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Survey Actions allow you to automate the ticket creation process, triggered by specific responses to survey questions. These actions are dynamic and can be customized to criteria that you set.

How to set up Survey Actions

Navigate to the Projects section and select the project you want to create the Survey Actions for.

Select the Actions tab and click on "+" to create a new action, or select an existing action to modify it.

Summary is where you input a description of the intended action that will result in a ticket submission.

The Trigger field is defaulted with "Response from <Survey Name>" this cannot be changed at this time.

Conditions are where you determine the actions that will create a ticket. A list of the questions in the survey and the conditions that need to be triggered to create the ticket.

The Task field determines whether a ticket is created or a conversation started based on the previously set conditions.

Priority criteria can be preassigned to be Low, Medium, or High upon the ticket or conversation creation.

The Subject field is where you can create the subject line of the tickets submitted. It is recommended this field be updated in order to distinguish between ticket types.

Location applies to the location the survey is deployed. If there is only one location, this will be selected by default. If there are many locations please be sure to select the applicable location from the options available.

Once all fields have been completed, select Create,.

The action(s) will be live as long as the associated project is active. Actions are tied directly to the survey they are tied or Triggered by.

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