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Volante: Adding a QR Code to Receipt
Volante: Adding a QR Code to Receipt

How to add a QR code to a Volante Systems receipt

Written by Aniko Villeneuve
Updated over a week ago

In an effort to maximize engagement points, utilizing a QR code is an effective tool to encourage your customers to leave their experience feedback. Adding a QR code to a Volante Systems receipt is one way to expand your feedback reach.


To add a QR code to your Volante Systems receipt, follow these steps:

Step 1: Find the QR code in Loop

In Loop 360, in the left hand menu go to Projects.

Select the Project you want to include on the receipt.

Once you have selected your Project, you will see on the Summary tab an ability to download the QR code as a PNG file.

Step 2: Add the QR Code to your Volante Systems Receipt

In Volante, the QR code should be added as a footer image in the corresponding receipt set for that target location.

How to see what receipt header/footer are assigned to a given terminal. This is hardware setup in the back office.

Go to General Setup> POS settings> Receipts to access the header and footer settings.

Receipt Header & Footer will provide you with the options to update the text. We suggest something like "Scan the QR code below to share your feedback" or "Tell us how we did by scanning the QR code below."

Receipt Logo is where you can upload the image of the QR code to the receipt footer.

An example of a printed receipt with QR code is provided below:

Once you follow these steps you will have a printable QR code added to each receipt. This is another engagement point to use to help you collect feedback.

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