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Automate the delivery of your favourite Dashboards via Email

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Dashboard subscriptions are a great way to receive the reporting insights you and your team need on a cadence that works best for you. Your Dashboards are delivered via email with a PDF link to download your preferred reports.

How to set up Dashboard Subscriptions

Go to Dashboards and select the report you would like to receive. To configure your Subscription, select the envelope icon in the upper right hand corner.

Next you will have the option to select the frequency of delivery: Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

For Daily deliverables select the time of day and time zone.

For Weekly deliverables, pick the day of the week, the time, and time zone.

For Monthly deliverables you can either select relative or specific dates. Relative dates relate to the week of the month and the weekday, with the time and time zone to be selected. An example would be the first Monday of the month at 2AM.

Specific dates allow you to select multiple days of the month. An example would be selecting the 1st and 16th of the month.

After you select your scheduling, you can select who receives the Subscriptions via the Recipients "+" icon. You are limited to sending reports to the list of Users created for your account.

After selecting your list of Subscribers, you can click update and immediately trigger the Subscriptions. Please also note the Paused checkbox which can be used to pause Subscriptions at any time.

When Subscribers receive the Subscription Email it will include a link which is valid for 90 days to download the PDF file and, alternatively, a direct link to navigate to the Dashboard. This email is also able to be forwarded to other persons via email and the download link will remain valid.

Try using Subscription Dashboards today to share valuable insights with your team and take your Customer Experience program to the next level.

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