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Loop Experience Platform Release 4.9
Loop Experience Platform Release 4.9

Released on June 2nd, 2022

Written by Justin Marcon
Updated over a week ago


The focus of this release included several performance improvements to enhance the overall user experience within Loop 360. With the addition of the ability to expand survey responses, Loop 360 users can view responses in more detail than ever before.

New Features

Individual Response View

Loop 4.9 introduces the ability for Loop 360 users to view the details of responses to their surveys. Within a survey project, any response from the responses list can be expanded to view it in greater detail using the "View" button.

From this page, users will be able to see how specific survey questions were answered. Additional details regarding the survey's distribution channel and the user who submitted it can also be viewed.

Product Enhancements

In this release, product optimization will see users experiencing faster performance due to a reduced demand on disk, CPU, and RAM usage. Along with several feature and usability enhancements, this will allow users to seamlessly navigate throughout Loop 360.

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