Loop Experience Platform 4.6

Released on March 7th 2022

Written by Justin Marcon
Updated over a week ago


This release was focused on the addition of new management pages to give Loop 360 users more control over users, locations, and tags. In addition to these features, product enhancements were implemented, offering improved usability and performance.

New Features

User Management

Loop 360 users can now view and manage users across their account from a new user management page located within the app's settings. A list of all users on a given account is provided with the ability to filter by location access.

Interacting with any item on this will allow one to modify the details of a user.

Users can also be added through interacting with the "Add" button shown above the list of users. This functionality is available such that the accounts licensing limit has not yet been exceeded.

Location Management

Another new addition to the settings page in Loop 360 is the ability to view and manage locations within an account. Similar to the new user management page, a list of locations is shown.

Interacting with any item on this list will allow users to modify the details of the given location.

Tag Management

Loop 360 can now view and modify tags used within the Inbox. This is found in the application's settings. On this page, users will see a list of tags that are currently configured.

Interacting with any item on this list, will allow the user to modify a given tag.

New tags can be created by interacting with the "Add" button, shown above the list of currently configured tags.

Product Enhancements

With these new features comes the addition of various product enhancements to improve the usability and performance of Loop.

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