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How to add Conditional Logic in 360
How to add Conditional Logic in 360
Written by Aniko Villeneuve
Updated over a week ago

This article will help you understand what Conditional Logic is and how to implement it in your Loop 360 new survey experience.

You can access your survey from your Survey Project located in the Projects Tab in your left side bar. To learn more about survey projects visit our Survey Project Overview Article.

Creating Conditional Logic for Survey Question Type

When you are in your Survey Project, the Designer tab will automatically appear.

For the purpose of this section we will provide an example scenario where creating conditional logic would be required:

A food vendor wants to prompt a customer who provides a low score to include a detailed response that answers why or what prompted the low score. Setting conditional logic enables you to control when the follow up question will appear visible.

Select the follow up question to edit, choose the Logic setting on the right-hand panel. Conditional Logic rules can be set in text; edit the rules by selecting the drawing icon, or visually; set the logic by selecting the magnifying icon.

When selecting the magnifying icon, a pop-up panel will appear. Choose the 'if' option to tie the logic to the question and select the condition score.

Here, the logic has been set as: "if" Overall Experience is less than or equal to 2. Select apply and your condition will be created.

Other logic condition types can be found in question settings. Available condition types are:

  • Visible if: sets the question as hidden or visible based on inputs criteria

  • Editable if: sets the question as editable based on input criteria

  • Required if: set the question response as required based on input criteria

  • Default Value Expression: allows you to enter CSS based on multiple inputs.

Overview of Logic in your Survey

You can view a summary of all your conditional logic settings for your survey in the Logic tab of your survey project.

  1. Select the Logic sub-tab located in the project Design tab, here you can view all the conditional logic you have created for your survey

  2. Add new rules to the survey. A pop-up window will appear and you will follow the same steps in the previous section of this article

  3. On the top right is where you can save the logic, filter questions to view, and filter action types.

If you have questions or need additional assistance setting up conditional logic for your survey, please reach out to your Customer Success team at

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