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Survey Response Exclusions
Survey Response Exclusions
Written by Arutyun Airapetyan
Updated over a week ago

This article provides an overview of Survey Response Exclusions, including which user(s) can apply exclusions, how to implement exclusions to your Loop 360 surveys and how to undo exclusions.

Who Can Exclude Survey Responses?

At this time only Loop account Owners have the permission to exclude survey responses.

Excluding Survey Responses

If you are an account Owner you can access the survey you wish to edit/exclude responses from in your Survey Project folder located in the Projects tab of the left side bar/menu.

Select the Survey you intend to edit.

When you have located and opened your Survey Project, the Designer Tab loads by default, select the Responses tab to view a list of all responses associated with the chosen survey.

From the list of responses locate the specific submission you would like to exclude from the survey results. Low confidence responses as well as those that contain foul language will automatically be excluded by Loop.

Once you have located the specific response you wish to exclude, there are two ways you can exclude a survey response; from the response action button or selecting the response.

If you wish to exclude from the response action button, hover your cursor over the left area of the response date entry. Select the response action button and a dropdown will appear. Select Exclude Response.

You can also exclude the response in the Response Viewer of the Responses tab by selecting the response you wish to view. When you double click the response, the Response Viewer will appear that shows the response and customer information.

On the top right hand side above the user information, select Exclude Response.

When you exclude your response, you will be prompted to enter the reason for the response exclusion before confirming the selection, you can also cancel the exclusion before it is applied.

Any responses that have been excluded will display an "X" to the left of the dated entry when viewing all collected responses.

To view the details of a specific response that has been excluded, double click to select and open the response.

The response content, user information and response details appear here as well as the Exclusion Details which includes: the name of the user who set the exclusion, the date the response was excluded and the exclusion comment (reason for exclusion).

Response exclusions can also be undone by selecting the Undo Exclusion button located above the exclusion details.

If you have any questions, are an account Owner, and cannot see your response exclusions option or need assistance with excluding survey responses please reach out to and we will do our best to help!

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