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Brands allow you to customize the appearance of specific components of your survey.

It is important to note only account Owners can access brand settings, if you are an account Owner and are not able to access brand settings please contact and we will do our best to help.

To create your brand, select the Settings (1) tab in the left sidebar. Navigate to the Brands (2) sub-menu page. Select the Create (3) button. Enter the Title and Description.

Your survey appearance can be customized by modifying the following fields:

Logo Settings

Upload an image of your choice to be included in the survey(s).

After uploading an image, an option will appear in the Design tab of a Survey Project to include the logo in the header of the given survey.

Survey Colours

The survey colours field offers control over the following survey components:

  • Primary

  • Foreground

  • Background

  • Input Field


The primary colour controls the colour of the survey title, accent elements and buttons. See the example image below, where the primary colour is set to red (#ba1515).


The foreground colour controls the colour of the of modules containing the survey questions as well as the survey header. See the example image below where the foreground colour is set to red (#e26767).


The background colour controls the colour that sits behind the questions of a survey. See the example image below where the background colour is set to red (#e26767).

Input Field

The input field colour controls the colour of the question input fields. See the example image below, the input field question is set to red (#e26767).

Kiosk Splash Screen

If a survey is distributed on a kiosk, the content of its splash screen can be overridden using the splash screen settings, which control the following items:

  • Main Heading

  • Secondary Heading

  • Footer Text

  • Button Text

The example image below demonstrates what these parameters control.

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