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How do I add a User to my Loop?
How do I add a User to my Loop?
Written by Arutyun Airapetyan
Updated over a week ago

Accessing the User Menu

Loop account owners can add a new user by navigating to the settings menu on the left side of the screen. By default the privacy settings menu will open, select users from the settings listed.

The users menu allows you to search for a user by name (1) or use the location filter (2) all existing users (1) appear in alphabetical order by first name.

User Roles Defined

There are two main user roles in Loop; Team Members and Admin. Each user role determines what features, settings and actions can be performed in the Loop account.

Team Members

Team Members = users who must be granted permission to view/edit the functions associated with your account subscription.

By default, Team Members can access the Inbox and/or Tickets.


Admins = users who are granted access to functions associated with your account subscription by default.

By default, Admin users can access the Inbox, Tickets, and Projects.

**It is important to note your user menu will list one or possibly more users associated with Benbria, these user profiles are members of our Customer Success and Support team**

Adding a New User

To add a new user you can either select the Add button to add an individual user or upload a list of users using the Import CSV button.

Note: if you Import a CSV of users, it will overwrite any existing users and associated permissions if the user appears in the import contact list.

You will be prompted to enter the user name, email and role as well as the locations you wish the user to be assigned/have access to. Be sure to select create once all required fields have been entered.

**It is important to note the locations option is configured at the account level**

Once added, you can edit (1), delete (2), or force log out (3) of a specific user in the menu.

If you are a Loop account owner and are unable to add users to your account please contact Benbria Support Team at

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