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How do you measure Customer Experience?
How do you measure Customer Experience?

The three major industry standard metrics for measuring Customer Experiences are NPS, CSAT, and CES.

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CX or Customer Experience is the sum of all interactions between a business and a consumer. Measuring the customer experience is an integral part of business growth. It allows you to understand who your customers are and what they want.

The three major industry-standard metrics for key performance indications (KPI) measurement in Loop are Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES).

What is a CSAT Score?

CSAT shows how satisfied customers are with a company’s products, services, customer support and brand.

Tracking CSAT Score helps measure multiple aspects (ie: food quality, check-in process, cleanliness, etc.) of the customer journey and helps to maintain a great customer experience.

How do you measure CSAT?

A CSAT score is based on a scale of 1-5, where 1 equates to “Very Unsatisfied” and 5 equates to “Very Satisfied.” The more customers who provide a CSAT score of 4 “Satisfied” or 5 “Very Satisfied”, the greater the customer retention.

CSAT Score = [Number of satisfied customers (4 and 5 ratings) ÷ Number of survey responses] x 100

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What is an NPS Score?

Net Promoter Score is a widely used market research metric that typically takes the form of a single survey question asking respondents to rate the likelihood that they would recommend a company, product, or service to a friend.

NPS is a great way to measure the loyalty of customers to a company.

How do you measure NPS?

Net Promoter Score is based on a 0-10 rating. It is calculated based on a score of -100 to 100. Anything lower than -1 indicates improvement is needed, 0 – 29 is good, 30 – 69 is considered great and 70+ is excellent.

NPS Score = [Number of Promoters (9 and 10 rating) ÷ Number of Detractors (0-6 rating)] x 100

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What is CES?

CES measures how easy it is for a customer to obtain your product or service. It’s used to improve the quality of the experience and pinpoint areas of operational improvement.

How do you measure CES?

CES is similar to CSAT based on a 1-5 scale, where 1 is “Very Difficult” and 5 “Very Easy”.

CSAT Score = (Sum of response scores) ÷ (Number of responses).

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