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Loop 360 Inbox Overview
Loop 360 Inbox Overview

Customers create a conversation when they ask a question, leave a comment, or seek feedback from anyone available channels of engagement.

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Accessing My Loop Inbox

Log in to your Loop account. By default, the Inbox should open, if you do not see your Inbox navigate to the menu on the left side of the screen, and select Inbox.

Loop Inbox allows you to access your Loop Notifications and Profile Settings (1) and seek Support (2). This is also where all your conversations; Active, Archived and Automated (3), are listed.

There are three (3) Conversation states in your Loop Inbox.

  • Active Conversations: lists all conversations that have not been closed or archived.

  • Archived Conversations: lists conversations that have been closed or archived; any escalations or notifications associated with these conversations are removed.

  • Automated Conversations: lists conversations that are being handled by Loop’s automated response feature. **This is not a default feature and is an add-on functionality in Loop**

Conversation Detailed View

The Conversations window is divided into several panels with different settings and functions that enhance your experience when interacting with customers and clients.

From the list of Open Conversations select the one you wish to review. When selected the conversation window will display the message viewer (1) and overall sentiment (2) (if applicable) as well as any tags (3) related and the channel (4) from which the conversation has originated.

Create a Ticket (1), view conversation details (2), and show/hide contact details (3) using the menu located in the upper right-hand corner of the conversation window.

You can engage with your customers and clients in real-time using the comment panel by leaving a reply or leaving an Internal Comment by selecting a note.

If you need any assistance please reach out to our Support Team at and we will do our best to assist!

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