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This article helps you set up automatic Conversation Tags, Escalations, and other General Inbox Settings.

Written by Aniko Villeneuve
Updated over a week ago

To access your Inbox settings navigate to the Settings Tab (1) in the left sidebar and scroll down the list of settings until you see the Inbox Settings (2) menu.

The Inbox Settings menu has General Settings, Escalations, and Tags available to configure.

General Settings

The General Settings allows you to make account level changes to the Inbox which includes guest alias, guest sentiment, masking inappropriate converstions, geofencing, etc.

Creating Escalations

Conversation Escalations allows you to ensure every conversation with a customer is being actioned.

To create an escalation, navigate to the Settings Tab (1) in the left sidebar, scroll to find Escalations (2) in the Settings menu. Select Add Escalation (3).

You can have the escalation target set to No Action ( when conversation is idil), or Not Closed (when conversation has not been archived).

You can set the escalation time, location, and assign the escalation to a Loop team member.

Creating Automatic Tags for Conversations

Creating automatic tags is beneficial to know what types conversations are being handled to help prioritize workflow. You can also assign specific users to view and handle certain tags only for a particular location or all locations.

To create a Tag, navigate to the Settings Tab (1) in the left sidebar, scroll to find Tags (2) in the Settings menu. Select Add (3).

Once you selected Add, you can enter the tag display name, enable Auto-Tag, and add words to prompt the tag. Once you have finished with the tag, select Save.

Note: you will need to enter a word and hit enter. The word will appear and you can add more words to the tag keywords.

If you are a Loop account Administrator or Owner and are unable to locate your account Ticket Settings please reach out to our Support Team at and we will do our best to assist!

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