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How do I view a Contact Profile in Loop 360?
How do I view a Contact Profile in Loop 360?

This article will help you navigate to our new contact profile page from Inbox, Tickets, and Responses to view a customer's history.

Written by Aniko Villeneuve
Updated over a week ago

Contact profiles in Loop 360 allow users to gain valuable insights into the customers they are engaging.

Navigating to a contact's profile will present key information including all of the recent activities they have engaged in. This includes any conversation, response, or ticket as well as the locations they have interacted with.

*Please note unless contact information is provided by the respondent, Loop displays an anonymous guest alias until the contact name is obtained or updated in the system.*

You can view the contact's profile from our Loop Inbox, Loop Tickets, and Loop CX Responses in the contacts view.

Accessing the Contact Profile Via Loop Inbox

Navigate to your Loop Inbox (1), select the Conversation Type (2), and navigate to the Conversation (3) you wish to view.

Once the conversation is selected, in the Contact Details (4) panel, select the View Profile (5) button. This will take you to the Contact Profile to view relevant details related to the customer.

Accessing the Contact Profile Via Loop Tickets

Navigate to your Loop Tickets (1), select the Ticket (2) you wish to view. Scroll to the bottom of the side panels on the right of the screen to view the Contact Details panel. Select the View (3) button.

Accessing the Contact Profile Via Loop Feedback Response

Navigate to the Projects (1) Tab and select the Survey Project (2) you wish to view. Navigate to the Responses (3) submenu to select the response. Once selected, you will see the Contact Details panel on the right. Select the View (4) button.

If you require any assistance, please reach out to and we will do our best to help!

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