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Configuring your PointClickCare Integration
Configuring your PointClickCare Integration
Written by Justin Marcon
Updated over a week ago

Loop’s integration with PointClickCare will allow users to collect valuable feedback from patients and their relatives or responsible parties, ensuring that their voices are heard. Users can easily configure automated feedback retrieval workflows that will trigger based on key events including admission, transfer, and discharge. Once configured, these automations will generate insights passively with no additional required effort from facility staff

Synchronizing PointClickCare with Loop

From the Settings tab, located in the main navigation bar within Loop, navigate to the PointClickCare Settings screen. The first step in the configuration process involves synchronizing your facilities between PointClickCare and Loop. Navigate to the Facilities tab and click the Load Facilities button to display the facilities that exist within PointClickCare.

A table will appear displaying each facility with additional information. From here, two actions are available:

  • Provision: This will add the given facility as a location in Loop and synchronize rooms

  • Full Sync: This will perform a complete synchronization with Loop, adding locations, rooms, and patient contacts with their corresponding information

Once all the facilities of interest are synchronized, you can begin configuring automations.

Setting up automations

Automations can be configured as a way to conveniently retrieve feedback based on key events within your facility. Navigating to the automations tab will provide a list of events which can be used to trigger the distribution of surveys.

Clicking into any of these event triggers will provide further configuration information.

From here, recipients of the survey can be specified along with the survey that they will receive. Only surveys that have been configured to be distributed via email will be listed. Additionally, a delay can be set so that the survey is not sent immediately upon the completion of the event. Once set active, click the Save button to save any changes. From this point, the automation will remain active and run until it is set as inactive again.

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