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Security Statement

Our security, briefly stated.

Written by Arutyun Airapetyan
Updated over a week ago

Brief Statement on Our Security

Benbria is focused on providing exceptional protection of customer data while simultaneously ensuring reliability of the services provided. Data is stored in firewall protected servers and routine checkups and scans are in place on a regular basis to minimize any risk of vulnerabilities and patching those if a need arise. The services and data have failover points and redundant hardware, backups and full restoration of any lost data is one of the core security elements in place.

Benbria uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) to encrypt communication between client workstations and servers. TLS provides secure communication over the internet by encrypting data in transit and ensuring its integrity. Access to any internal systems, included code base, database and services is restricted to specific employees, front end users have access to dedicated information on a need-to-know basis and is limited to functions and features as per the agreements signed. Activities and access are both monitored and audited for compliance.

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