Associating Tags to Team Members

Restricting or granting access to Conversations with the use of Tags

Written by Aniko Villeneuve
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Tags within Loop can be used to automatically or manually associate specific Team Members to a Conversation. They can also be used to potentially grant access to a Conversation that a Team Member would not otherwise have access to.

Configuring User Tags is performed through the Location Admin page.

Figure 1 - Select the Settings option from the Loop Inbox.

Figure 2 - Select Locations to access the Location Admin screen.

Figure 3 - Select the Location you'd wish to modify the User access for.

Once a Location has been selected, the Location User page will load. This is where a Team Member can be selected to add, modify or remove assigned Tags.

Figure 4 - User permission page for the selected location.

When the appropriate Team Member is selected, the Tags associated with that particular account can be selected from the Tags menu.

Figure 5 - Tags that can be assigned to the User in question.

Once the Save User option is selected, the Team Member will only see Conversations in their Loop Inbox that match the Tags associated with their account at a given Location.


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