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Loop Custom Fields - Maintaining a Dropdown Menu
Loop Custom Fields - Maintaining a Dropdown Menu

How to add, remove and modify options from a dropdown menu

Written by Aniko Villeneuve
Updated over a week ago

Within Loop, Team Members with an Admin-level or higher account can modify Custom Fields to have static lists. These lists can be populated with names of Team Members at locations or the types of facilities available for example. 

To access the Custom Field in order to add, remove, or modify values in the list, navigate to the Location Admin page by selecting Settings and then Locations.

Figure 1 - Choose the Settings option from the Loop Inbox

Figure 2 - Select Locations 

This loads the Location admin screen. If there are multiple locations, the location with the list present will need to be selected.

Figure 3 – List of locations in an account

When a location has been loaded, select the “Custom Fields” option.

Figure 4 – Custom Fields option on the Admin screen

From the Custom Fields menu, options may be added, modified or removed.


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