Web Flow Channel
Written by Aniko Villeneuve
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Enabling the web flow channel creates a customizable interactive survey in which customers can submit a response falling into one of 3 categories:

  • Compliment: a positive reaction

  • Concern: a negative reaction or criticism

  • Request: a need that can be provided by the manager

An example of an interface for this channel is shown below (multimedia used is for example purposes)

When configuring a Web Messenger Channel, you will be able to customize the channel in the following ways:

  • Enter a custom personal subdomain (https://[ACCOUNT].blazeloop.com as an example)

  • Upload a custom multimedia profile (customizing font colours and sizing, images, backgrounds)

  • Select the "Track Guest Records" option, if desired

Selecting the Track Guest Records option will generate new surveying features for the customer, catered toward guest services. Enabling this feature will prompt the guest for details such as their room number and the check-in/check-out dates of their stay. An example of the fields is shown below.

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