It's now easy to embed a Loop "Pulse Check" widget into your web experiences (WiFi landing pages, other popular pages for guests and visitors) to survey for a guest’s current sentiment. Low ratings when querying for guest satisfaction will be redirected to the full Loop Messenger experience in order to further engage and (hopefully) recover the guest.

A new Admin screen has been added to manage configuring the widget, and it will supply the code snippets to copy into the external website. The widget will use a the first question of a configured survey, and render as five faces. The colours can also be configured from within the Admin Multimedia page.

Let's start with the Guest's experience:

Visitor Experience

An unbranded Pulse Check widget has been added to a mock Wi-Fi landing page in the examples below:

Step I: Arrival

Step II: Prompt for Recovery (if the visitor answered either 1, 2 or 3 of the 5-point scale)

If 'Yes' then the guest is directed to the Loop experience to engage the team.

Part III: Direct to Loop

And the conversation from the Team's perspective:


Step 1: Create an Experience Survey

A default survey that looks like the following can be created with a simple button click in the widget configuration page. This survey can be customized in the Surveys page.

Step 2: Create and Customize your Pulse Check widget

Step 3: Copy-paste the container and source code into your webpage

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