Tripleseat is a leading sales and event management web application (CRM) for restaurants, hotels and unique venues that can help increase event sales and streamline the planning process.

With the integration, Tripleseat customers can leverage Loop’s feedback and engagement capabilities to manage the guest experience.

The Integration

This integration graphic outlines how an event coordinator will gather insight from guests through Loops unique feedback process. Starting with the creation of the event within the CRM tool, there are a number of moments an event coordinator can utilize the integration to send a survey to a customer. The initial integration will allow for post-event engagement.

Todays usecase: Event manager wants to survey guests post event

Before You Get Started

In order to successfully leverage the Loop and Tripleseat integration, you will need:

  • A Tripleseat account
  • A Benbria Loop account
  • Locations that are modeled similarly in both solutions
  • A survey for the event in Loop
  • An event in Tripleseat

Example Of Locations

Scope of Article

This knowledge base article will cover the following:

  • How to setup custom fields in Loop to enable Tripleseat integration
  • How to configure the Tripleseat platform
  • How an end user will use the integrated solution

How To Prep Loop For Integration

Once locations and surveys are setup in the Loop platform, it’s important to setup “Custom Fields” to enable the integration.

How to Enable Loop Integration Within Tripleseat

In order to enable the Loop platform within Tripleseat, your team will need to gather survey and location information from the Loop platform. This is then used to configure the integration within Tripleseat.


To enable the integration on Loop’s end, a member of Benbria’s Customer Success team will first need to collect the following from the Loop platform:

  • Loop Survey URL
  • Survey shortcode
  • Location shortcode

Note: These steps will soon be available to end users so its self-serviceable.

For more information on the Loop survey URL as it pertains to Tripleseat, please refer to our article Embedding Loop URLs within Tripleseat


Within Tripleseat, users will create a link between the Loop survey and the Tripleseat solution. Here is how an admin will configure it.

How The Users Can Utilize The Integration

Now that the steps have been taken to create a Loop link within Tripleseat, lets go over how a user would use it. Note: the same steps can be taken for pre and during events.

Event manager wants to survey guests post event


Where do survey results go in Tripleseat?

Survey results are not displayed within the Tripleseat solution. The results and reporting can be found within the Loop platform.

Can you push out surveys from Tripleseat to event guests pre-event?

Yes, you can send a survey from Tripleseat in the form of a comment. Currently surveys are tied to a location and an event. Improvements are being made to allow event specific surveys to be sent out.

Can we get to the reporting center of Loop from Tripleseat or do we have to manually exit the Tripleseat interface?Viewing Loop reporting is a manual process. Two browser tabs need to be open.

Can emails be automated pre and post event? Also are we able to send all of our users rather than those selected?

You can set a workflow based task to remind the user to send the email, but the email would need to be sent manually using the template

Are we able to have all surveys of a specific location auto emailed to the General Manager of that property? Is there any way to create a note or alert in Tripleseat when this happens?

This would be a capability of Tripleseat and needs to be verified by Tripleseat.

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