"Does Loop integrate with _____?" ...check below!

If your system is not listed, it can be! For PMS systems (from cooperative vendors), we commit to having development new PMS integrations completed within 15 business days of 'go'. For ticketing systems we have two options for integration - please inquire for more information.

Supported Hospitality Integrations:


  • Integration Type - the integration story and the type of data being shared. See below for each.
  • Support Level - the completeness of the story; depends on the third party system's API and data available to Loop.
  • Available via Cloud - if this integration is supported when the third party system is deployed in the cloud ("-" means unknown or not available, please inquire).
  • Available via On-Premise - if this integration is supported when the third party system is deployed as an on-premise system ("-" means unknown or not available, please inquire).
  • * Additional information available - please inquire.

Guest Profile

Overall Integration Story

Loop receives Guest Profile information at check-in or prior to populate Loop's Contact list, send welcome invitation messages to the guest and provide Team Members with guest information in the Contact Profile pane (among other uses for the data).

Support Level

Based on the data currently supplied by the PMS vendor, the following three levels of Guest Profile integration are available. Cooperation from the PMS vendor is required to upgrade from a Basic or Limited to Full.

  1. Loop-Full Integration (LFI or "Full")
     All Guest Profile fields are supported.
  2. Loop-Limited Integration (LLI or "Limited")
     Phone and Email fields (or others) are not provided by the PMS integration.
  3. Loop-Basic Integration (LBI or "Basic")
    Discovery required on a case-by-case; depends on config. Guest Profile supports the following fields at a minimum:
     Guest name, Room number, Check-in date, Check-out date. 

Guest Profile Data

The following table highlights Loop’s support for certain PMS fields and use-cases based on the level of integration supported:

Additional Detail

To explain limited integration further: as an example guest phone and email is typically not made available automatically on many PMS APIs, and therefore is also not automatically available to Loop. Phone and email detail is required to engage guests and is therefore important!


Overall Integration Story

Loop pushes new OnDemand requests with a configured 'Code' to the third party ticketing system. Loop then receives updates from the third-party ticketing system and updates the status of the request for Team Members and the Contact to see.

Support Level

All current Ticketing integrations support the full story.

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