Loop Inbox - Requests
Written by Aniko Villeneuve
Updated over a week ago

The Request section of the Loop Inbox will only be activated if an On-Demand menu has been configured for your account. 

Within the Request tab, Loop users will be able to view all orders that have been placed by customers. Users will be able to view the status of these orders as well as action these orders if required.

The five options on the Requests page (Pending, Acknowledged, Scheduled, Fulfilled, Cancelled, and All) are all of the status’ that a Request can possibly have. A Request can only be in one of these categories at a time. Selecting a category will show the user all of the Requests in that specific stage.

Clicking the status of a specific Requests gives the user the option to change the status if needed.

If applicable, the dropdown menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen lists all of the locations the current user has access to. Selecting another location will load the Requests unique to that specific location.

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