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Loop Experience Platform Release 4.20
Loop Experience Platform Release 4.20
Released May 2nd 2023
Written by Justin Marcon
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Release 4.20 focused on the addition of new features and feature enhancements to enhance visibility and reporting capabilities across Loop. A new responses page will allow users in Loop 360 to view feedback across multiple locations and survey projects. The addition of new dashboard dimensions and filters will allow users to configure insightful dashboard panels to report across their configured brands. Finally, enhancements made to Loop's Tripleseat integration settings will offer users leveraging this integration more flexibility than ever before. Additional bug fixes and product enhancements were implemented to improve the overall user experience within Loop.

New Features

Responses Page

In Loop 4.20, viewing survey feedback across locations has never been easier. Loop will see the addition of a new responses page from which users can conveniently view all responses generated across their available survey projects. This new page is accessible from the navigation bar located to the left of the application.

The responses shown on this page are limited to the locations that users are assigned to. This list can be filtered by location, survey, and source type. Located in the top banner, is a date range picker which users can interact with to choose the time span over which they would like to view responses. To the right of the column header row, a button is available to choose the columns which will be presented. Users can isolate specific categories to be shown in this list and save their desired configuration to be shown as default. Clicking on the "view" button associated with each row will navigate to a more detailed view of a given response.

Feature Enhancements

Brand Reporting

Loop 4.20 introduces the ability to report across brands using dashboard projects. With the implementation of new filters and dimensions, data can be grouped by brand to present enhanced insights.

As each location in Loop must now follow a specific brand, brand reporting offers powerful new data visualization possibilities.

Tripleseat Integration Enhancement

In Loop 4.20, users leveraging Loop's integration with Tripleseat will have access to new automations to solicit feedback. In previous versions of Loop, users could trigger the distribution of surveys when an event's status was changed to either "definite" or "lost" within Tripleseat. In Loop 4.20, the "closed" status has been added as an additional option to initiate the solicitation of feedback. Account owners can configure this behaviour from the Tripleseat settings page in Loop.

Product Enhancements

With Release 4.20 comes a variety of product enhancements and improvements. These items were implemented to enhance general usability resulting in a more seamless experience than ever before.

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