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Web Messenger - Invitation Stats

Exporting invitation statistics from Loop

Written by Aniko Villeneuve
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Exporting Invitation Stats

Invitation stats can be exported from the Account Admin page. Click on Tasks and Export Invitation Stats:

Like exporting Loops, you can export all invitation stats, select the date range you would like to export, or choose a combination of the two.

The relevant columns are Accepted Invites (how many invites were sent to the mail server), Delivered Invites (how many were sent to the recipients), Failed Invites (how many failed to be delivered – this is usually an invalid or incorrect email address).

Opened and Clicked Invites refer to the invitations that were opened or the Loop link clicked on on that day – so you may have invitations that were sent one day but may not have been opened or clicked on until a day or more later.

Loops created indicates the total number of Loops created on that day.

You can also view Invitation stats from the Loop Inbox or Archive pages, but cannot export them from here.

To view Invitations from the Loop Inbox or Archive pages, click on the Connect button and then Send a Message:

Figure 1 - Connection option

Figure 2 - Send a message page

Select Show past messages:

From here, you can search on a date range, filter on the status, or search for a particular invitation. You can also reorder each of the columns either by date (first to last or last to first), email address (alphabetically), or status (alphabetically).

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