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Written by Aniko Villeneuve
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Trending Topics Report

This report analyzes the content of the customer comments for a given period and highlights the most popular topics. Loop analyzes relationships between words across different loops and identifies the prominent topics.

To begin, select the start and end dates, then the granularity (i.e., how deep the algorithm searches for matching terms in Loop comments) for your report, and click the "Find Trending Topics" button. Note that there must be at least 25 customer messages with comments found for the selected reporting period in order for Loop to display this Trending Topics.

Clicking on a row in the results bring up the related customer messages. You can click on the terms at the top to highlight them in the comments. You can also click on the tags below each comment to view messages that match it. This adds the tag at the top of the window to indicate that the messages are being filtered. Clicking on the tag at the top removes it from the filter.

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