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Exporting Conversations and Responses
Exporting Conversations and Responses
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Exporting Conversations

If you would like to look at a selection of Conversations or Responses outside of the Loop Inbox or Archive, you can export them in a .csv format to other software such as Excel.

You can export Loops from either the Account or the Location Admin pages by clicking on Tasks and Export Loops.

Exporting from the Account Admin Page

If you export from the Account page, you will be exporting all Conversations or Responses for all locations. You'll need to access the Admin interface by going to Settings and then Account.

From there you'll select Tasks and Export Conversations (or Responses depending on the type of Loop account you have).

The Export Conversations page will allow you to choose whether you will be exporting Conversations, Conversation Threads, Responses, or Screened Conversations. The options available to you here will depend on the type of Loop account you are subscribed to (for example, Conversations are exclusive to a Loop Messenger Channel, Responses are exclusive to a Loop Pulse Channel). You'll be able to select the date range you're looking to export information for.

Exporting from the Location Admin Page

If you export from the Location page, you will first be prompted to select a location you wish to export Loops for. Select the location and then click Export.

On the Export page, you can choose to export all Loops (first Loop to latest Loop), or you can choose a specific date range by clicking in the boxes and using the calendar to select your desired dates. Click Export.

You can also do a combination of the two search parameters– perhaps selecting "First Loop" and then to a specific date other than the latest Loop.

Loop will then export the Loops into Excel, where you can look at the data in a variety of ways based on the exportable fields:

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