Adding and modifying Team Members for your account

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Creating a New User (Team Member)

Creating a new Team Member is done in two steps. You will first create their user account in Location Admin, and then add them to the appropriate location in Account Admin.

From the Loop Administration Portal click More in the top right-hand corner and select Location Admin:

Select the location you wish to create a user for:

Create the user:

Create the User Profile - Required fields (indicated with a blue star) are: User Name, Password, Repeat Password and Name. Optional fields are email address and mobile number.

Add Permissions - Permissions are: Internal, Reassign, Comment, Close, Create, Delete, Report, Admin and Super Admin. Admin and Super Admin permissions should only be assigned to those who will be allowed to create, modify and assign users to locations, set escalations, and export invitations and Loops.

Select Subscription Areas - Areas of subscription are the locations the user will be responsible for. Select the relevant suites.

Click Save.

Once a user has been created, you will need to associate them with the appropriate location on the Account page in order for them to be able to receive notifications about, and to see their Loops.

To access the Account page, click on More in the top right-hand corner and select Account Admin:

Click on Facets and then Locations:

Select the location you wish to add the user to:

Add the user by clicking the Employees box to bring up the list of available users for that location. Click Save.

NOTE: Users who have been set up at Administrators/Super Administrators are added to the Administrators section on the left, while users that have been set up as regular users are added to the Employees section on the right. Regular users cannot be added to the Administrator section and Administrator users cannot be added to the Employee section.

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