The Loop Pulse app (previously named Take3) is an iOS app the runs on iOS devices to transform them into a Kiosk Channel or Scoreboard.

Installing the Loop App

  • Press the App Store icon

  • Search for “Loop Pulse”. Or click the following link to go to the iOS store page. 

  • Install the app by pressing on the Free button, then the Install button. 

  • You will be prompted for your Apple ID Username & Password.

NOTE: Although Loop Pulse is a free app, you will need to provide an Apple ID and Password in order to be able to download it. 

  • Once the app has finished downloading, the Loop icon will appear on your iPad’s screen. 

Configuring the Loop App

  • Start the Loop app. If a prompt asks to “Use Your Current Location”,
    press OK to continue.

Enter the following values to bind the device to your location:

  • Domain:

  • Account Name: Your account name. It will be the subdomain in the URL [subdomain]

  • Store Number: Enter the number associated with the location being configured.

  • Display Type: Kiosk (for the iPad) or Default Scoreboard (for the iPod touch)

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