Tickets are used to manage complaints from guests. When setting up a survey project, conditions can be applied that would trigger the creation of a ticket based on a guest's response to a question.

Tickets can be accessed by hovering over the black navigation bar on the left and clicking “Tickets”. The Tickets screen is split into 3 sections:

  • Ticket Views on the left

  • Tickets within the Chosen View in the centre

  • Ticket Filters on the right

Ticket Views

There are 4 ticket views that are accessible:

  • My Tickets

  • Open Tickets

  • Closed Tickets

  • All Tickets

Each view is a predefined set of filters that filters all the tickets you can view to ensure the appropriate tickets are being displayed.

My Tickets

My Tickets will show all Open tickets that are assigned to you as a user. These include tickets that have been assigned to you by other users or tickets that you have assigned to yourself.

Open Tickets

Open tickets are tickets with a status of “Open” that are not yet assigned to a user (as can be seen in the screenshot below).

Closed Tickets

Closed tickets are tickets with a status of “Resolved” or “Unresolved”. These are all tickets that were created either through a survey or manually but have now been closed.

All Tickets

The All Tickets view shows you all Open, Resolved and Unresolved tickets for the locations your user is assigned to. These also include tickets that are not assigned to you.

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