This article outlines the process to connect your Tripleseat account with your Loop 360 account.

Step 1:

In Loop360, navigate to the settings screen.

Scroll down to the Integrations section and select Tripleseat.

Here you will see the Webhook Target URL which you will need to copy and enter on your Tripleseat account.

Step 2:

In your Tripleseat account, head to the Settings section.

Towards the bottom of the page, click on Tripleseat API/Webhooks.

Once here, you will see the Webhook Endpoints section and the ability to Add Webhook.

On the New Webhook screen, you want to select under Event Actions, Create Event, Update Event, and Delete Event. Those are the 3 actions that Loop supports.

You will also see Your Target URL, this is where you will paste the Webhook URL from your Loop 360 account. Click on Create when finished.

Back at the Tripleseat API & Webhook page you will need to copy the Tripleseat Public API. This will be used in your Loop 360 account.

Step 3:

Back in your Loop 360 account on the Tripleseat integration page you will see an empty text field under Public API Key. This is where you will enter your API key from Tripleseat and click on Sync when finished.

If done correctly you will see two new dropdown boxes appear titled Pre-Event and Post-Event.

Step 4:

Unfold either the Pre-Event or Post-Event dropdown boxes to configure automatic email distribution for events. In the unfolded box there will be an entry corresponding to each Tripleseat event type found in your Tripleseat account. For each event type you can select a Survey to automatically distribute . Only surveys with Email Distribution configured are available in this survey dropdown.

That is how easy it is to integrate your Loop 360 account with your Tripleseat account. Check out our other help articles on how to send Pre and Post Event surveys to your guests.

**Please note: Event statuses in Tripleseat will need to be set to Definite and an Event Type will need to be selected when creating an event for the integration to work properly. Loop 360 will not recognize other statuses for events.**

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