Project Folders

Project folders were implemented to enhance users' ability to organize their projects and manage the permissions of users across their account. Folders can be created and named directly from the Projects page.

After entering a folder, projects can be created as usual. Only users with appropriate permissions will be able to view/edit the contents of the folder. These permissions can be modified through interacting with the folder settings icon located at the top right of of the page.

Users across the account can be added to the folder using the dropdown menu located at the top of the window. Below this, a list of all users with access to the folder can be seen. From this list, the permissions of these users can be modified. The following permissions are currently supported:

  • Viewer: can only view contents of the folder without any ability to make edits

  • Editor: can modify all contents of the folder

  • Owner: can modify all contents of the folder. All folders must have at least one owner

Project Organization

Surveys and dashboards now exist together within the Projects page. Clicking the "create" button, located at the top right of the screen, will provide the option between creating a new survey or dashboard project.

A new icon can now be found on project cards. Interacting with this icon allows users to quickly rename both survey and dashboard projects directly from the projects list.

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