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You can access your survey design from the Survey Project from your Projects Tab in your left side bar. Visit the Survey Design Overview article for general information about our new survey experience.

When you open up your Survey Project, it will default you to the Designer tab. In the Designer tab, you can edit the general survey layout and select the question type from the left panel.

Select the survey question you wish to edit in the main survey view page and it will prompt you to the question settings panel on the right-hand side.

On the right panel, you will be able to edit the question settings. See below detailed setting features and select from list below that you wish to view.

General Question Settings

In the general question settings, you can give your question a name, and the title is the question you would like to ask the customer.

The Description allows you to include more information or explanation about the question or how to answer the question if needed.

In order for your customer to see the question, you will have to ensure that you select visible from the checkbox. You can make the question required and read-only.

Rollup categories is a way to ask many questions but report as one category. To learn more about the benefits of Rollup categories, visit our Categories help center articles.

Depending on your question type, you can select the theme to be thumbs or smileys.

Question Type Specific Settings

Some question types will have detailed settings specific to that question type. This will appear in the right sidebar.

Checkbox, Radiogroup, and Dropdown has the ability to edit the answer choices, assign the selection order, and if it can be multi-select or mutually exclusive (1 or more choices).

Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort Score, and Net Promoter Score settings has the ability to edit the question metric score text (ie: change 1-Unsatisfied to 1-Very Dissatisfied).

You can edit the contact details to include name and/or email address, contact consent, and the text for the contact details.

You can add a location reference question and edit the following:

  • Prefilled Behaviour: Hidden, Locked, Interactive

  • Location & Room Text: This can be edited or hidden

Learn more about the Survey Question Types here:


With Loop conditional logic settings you can set rules or conditions that changes the survey based on how a customer answers the particular question. You can learn more about conditional logic in our help center article.


In the layout settings, you can edit the layout of your question including the following:

  • Parent Page: allows you to select the page you would like the question to appear

  • Display the question on a new line: this is a default setting, but deselecting will allow your question to appear side-by-side with another quesiton

  • Hide Question Number

  • Panel expand state: can be inherit, collapsed, or expanded

  • Title Location: this changes where the question appears in the panel. This can be inherit (default), top, bottom, left, or hidden

  • Description Location: this can be under the question title or under the question input.

  • Add Indents: from no indent being 1, the furthest right indent is the highest number, 3

  • Width Customization: You can customize the width and its minimum and maximum in CCS format

Data Settings

You can clear invisible data to be hidden when the survey is complete, when the question is hidden, or when the panel/question is hidden.

Validation Settings:

Loop 360 runs validation to ensure answers are valid and accurate. If there are any issues with the answer input from the Customer, Loop 360 will provide an invalid notification. You can set when the validation runs and when the user will be notified.

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