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How do I find my Survey Link or QR code?
How do I find my Survey Link or QR code?

Locate a survey project weblink or QR code for distribution

Written by Arutyun Airapetyan
Updated over a week ago

Log in to your Loop account, navigate to and open the project you wish to distribute.

By default, the survey project opens to a summary tab, locate the distribution panel on the right-hand side of the summary menu.

Select the survey title from the distribution panel to copy the shareable link (1) or download a PNG (2) of the QR code.

You can now easily send the link or QR code (or both!) to any individual you wish to take the survey or display the survey for completion.

**It is important to note Loop survey distribution is configured at the account level if you have any questions please contact your account owner or Benbria Support Team at**

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