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Written by Charmaine Akiwenzie
Updated over a week ago


Loop 360 survey projects can now be distributed by embedding them directly into a webpage. This can be controlled from the Distributions page within a Survey Project.

A Web Channel Link is required for accessing the Web Channel distribution code. This can be done with the help of Benbria Support team at or by creating a Channel in the Settings tab if you are an Account Owner.

Accessing Web Channel Distribution Code

To access your web channel distribution code, select the Projects (1) tab in the left side bar. Navigate and open the Survey Project (2) you wish to distribute on your website. Select the Distributions (3) sub menu. The Web (4) sub panel is where you can retrieve the code snippet.

Select the Get Code Snippet button. From the pop-up page, users will be able to retrieve a code snippet which can be inserted directly into their organization's website.

After inserting this code snippet, the survey will render directly on the webpage chosen. The survey will be resized and fitted in relation to your webpage.

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