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How do I give permission to a user to see Survey Projects in Loop?
How do I give permission to a user to see Survey Projects in Loop?
Written by Arutyun Airapetyan
Updated over a week ago

The Project Folder settings enable an account Owner or Super Admin user to grant permission to their Loop account users; allowing them to view and/or edit the contents of the Project Folder.

Permissions Types

There are three types of user permissions that can be assigned to a Project Folder:

  • Viewer: can only view contents of the folder

  • Editor: can modify all contents of the folder

  • Owner: can modify all contents of the folder. All folders must have at least one owner, all Loop account owners have default ownership over project folders.

Accessing your Survey Project Settings

To access Project Folder Settings navigate to and open the Project Folder you wish to edit.

Locate the Settings Menu in the upper right corner (it looks like a gear icon).

Assign User Permissions

The Project Folder Settings menu provides a list of all users who have been granted access to the project folder as well as their assigned permissions.

To modify a user's permissions select the drop-down located to the right of the user name.

To add a user to a project folder select the specific user from the drop-down (1) list and grant the user the permission (2) you wish them to have associated with the project folder, be sure to add (3) the users and select done (4).

If you are an Account Owner and are unable to view/edit Projects or Project Settings please reach out to the Benbria Support Team at

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