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Tripleseat + Loop Integration Overview
Tripleseat + Loop Integration Overview
Written by Aniko Villeneuve
Updated over a week ago

The purpose of this article is to help answer frequently asked questions regarding your Tripleseat integration in Loop 360.

How does my survey get sent automatically?

Loop automatically sends surveys via email to your Tripleseat contacts when you create leads and when you set events to closed, definite, or lost.

Why are Event Types important?

The Loop integration is based on Event Types. You can have your survey automatically sent based on the Event Type(s) you have selected.

You can also configure your account to send the survey when no Event Type is selected in Tripleseat.

When do surveys get sent automatically?

You can automatically send your survey by the following triggers:

  • Lead creation in Tripleseat triggers the Pre-Sales Survey in Loop

  • Updating an Event in Tripleseat to Definite or Lost triggers Post-Sales Survey in Loop

  • Updating an Event to Closed triggers the Post-Sales or Post-Event survey in Loop

  • Updating an Event in Tripleseat to Definite triggers the Pre-Event or Post-Event Survey in Loop

Note: leads should first be converted to an event as tentative or prospect then later updated to definite or lost to trigger automatic survey distribution.

Who receives the survey in Tripleseat?

The primary and secondary contacts in your Tripleseat Event will receive an email from your Loop account.

How many surveys can you send with Tripleseat?

You can send one survey per trigger type (pre-sale, post-win, post-loss, pre-event, and post-event) per event.

Please contact our Customer Success Team if you would like to add an additional survey to your account.

If I make changes to my Tripleseat account, does this affect my Loop integration?

If you make changes to your Event Types in your Tripleseat account, it is always best practice to re-sync your integration. Click here to re-sync the integration.

For any questions regarding your Loop account, please reach out to our Support Team at

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