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Loop Experience Platform Release 4.19
Loop Experience Platform Release 4.19
Released April 10th 2023
Written by Justin Marcon
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Release 4.19 focused on the addition of features in Loop 360 including a contact management page and geofencing restrictions for surveys distributed over link channels. Additional feature enhancements saw the introduction of new notification settings intended to notify users when automated (chatbot) conversations are initiated. Additional bug fixes and product enhancements were implemented to improve the overall user experience across Loop.

New Features

Contact management

Users in 360 can now access a new page designed to showcase all of the contacts that have interacted with their account. These interactions range from providing feedback through a survey to receiving an outbound message. Once enabled, users will be able to view this new tab in the main navigation bar.

From this list, users can apply filters to identify contacts that match specific criteria. Once one or more filters are added, they can be saved as a segment on a location.

Segments can be accessed from the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. As these segments must be saved to a specific location, they will appear under the dropdown of the location that they are associated with.

Geofencing for survey links in Loop 360

Loop 360 users can now apply geofencing restrictions to surveys that are distributed over link channels. Owners in Loop 360 are able to access a new geofencing configuration page found in the settings tab, from which they can enable or disable this feature.

Enabling geofencing will only allow those within a specific region to gain access to the survey. This region can be defined from the new geofencing configuration page.

From this page, users may also configure the text that is displayed when a respondent is either within or outside of the desired geofencing region.

Once geofencing is enabled, the feature can be applied on a per channel basis. Navigating to the distribution tab within a survey project, users will find a new toggle on each of their link channels prompting them to enable to disable geofencing.

Feature Enhancements

Notifications for automated conversations

Users in both Loop 360 and Loop Classic now have access to a new notification setting which allows a notification to be sent every time an automated (chatbot) conversation is started. This notification can be toggled on or off for each user within an account.

Product Enhancements

With Release 4.19 comes a variety of product enhancements and improvements. These items were implemented to enhance general usability resulting in a more seamless experience than ever before.

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