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Custom Dashboard Overview
Custom Dashboard Overview
Written by Aniko Villeneuve
Updated over a week ago

A customer experience dashboard is a visualization of unique customer insights throughout their journey. Using tools like natural language processing, satisfaction ratings, demographics and more, a CX dashboard can provide you with easy-to-digest, actionable data to improve your business.

Custom Dashboards are available as an Add-On feature or for enterprise subscriptions.

To access your Custom Dashboard, select the Projects Tab (1) and find the Dashboard Project within your assigned Project Folder.

Select the Dashboard project you wish to view and your Custom Dashboard with insights tailored to your account will appear.

You can filter by date range, timezone, survey, channel, and location (2) and export the dashboard as a PNG or PDF file.

The icons on the right (3) will allow you:

  • set default filters with the default icon

  • subscribe to the dashboard with the email icon

  • change dashboard name with the tools icon

  • edit the panels with the pencil icon.

You can also export a single panel PNG or PDF file to share (4)

If you have any questions regarding the dashboard, please contact

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