Email Channel
Written by Aniko Villeneuve
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The Email Channel allows the creation of a unique e-mail address that can be used to route messages directly into the Loop Inbox.

To configure, go to the Channels page and select the "Activate" option.

This will open the options menu, allowing you to configure the specific instance of the Email Channel you're setting up.

  1. The Email Address field is where you can enter a unique value for your specific address.

  2. Sender Name configures what name is displayed in replies to messages sent to this Channel.

  3. Open Activities sends email notifications to the customer when their message is received by the Loop Inbox.

  4. Ticket Mode will create a new instance of a Conversation in the Loop Inbox when interactions are Archived as opposed to keeping every interaction in the same e-mail thread.

When the configuration is complete, hitting "Save" activates the Channel.

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