The scoreboard is a real-time, on-location display designed to motivate staff towards proactive action. Scoreboards are available as web-URLs or with physical hardware.

Table Scoreboard


  • Available for the all locations scoreboard: /scoreboards/all?layout=TABLE
  • Re-orders based on score
  • Animated ‘odometer’ numbers
  • Goal can be defined (not shown) that highlights in Red %s scores below goal
  • Support for many rows

Customization Options

The Table scoreboard uses a customizable background image that can tie into the kiosk multimedia for a consistent user experience. 

Dashboard Scoreboard

The Dashboard scoreboard is a more interactive option, optimized for locations with lower response counts. This scoreboard alternates between two screens. The first screen displays the following three widgets:

  • Best Store Yesterday (across all locations, based on the ratio of positive to negative loop answers),
  • Current Store Rankings based on Exponential Moving Averages (the view alternates between averages based on 7 and 14 days),
  • Last Response (last set of answers submitted at this location).

The envelope icon indicates there are some unanswered loops in Employee Inbox. The loop is considered to be unanswered if there’s no employee comment to it since it was created or since customer added a new comment. The icon appears on the scoreboard even if the unanswered loop is from an earlier date.

The second page displays the following three widgets:

  • Best Store Yesterday (unchanged from the first page),
  • Current Store Rankings (across all locations, based on the ratio of positive to negative responses today),
  • Customer Sentiment - today’s response count breakdown by question for this location.

Customization Options

The Dashboard scoreboard is rendered in Benbria Loop branding and allows for a large logo image, no other branding features are supported.

Scoreboard Parameters

If being accessed from a standard web browser via URL, the following features are available through parameters to control scoreboards. The ‘base URL’ for all examples is:


Global Scoreboard

The functionality as described in ‘Regional Scoreboard’ but for all enabled locations.


Offline Behaviour

When scoreboard loses Internet connectivity it continues to display the last received loop count information, while attempting to reconnect in the background.

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