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The Topics Map report provides an interactive visualization of the trending topics from customer comments within your account (note: you cannot select a specific location or time period at this time). Click the Create Map button to view the report.

Each Trending Topic term is represented by a dot. The size and color of the dots indicate the number of associated messages found, and the average positivity of the messages. You can drag the dots around the visualization area to view dots or lines hidden behind them. The lines link terms that have messages associated with both terms. The thickness of the line corresponds with the number of matching terms, and the color indicates the average positivity. Clicking on a line or dot selects it and displays the number of associated messages.

By changing the "Group Results By" option, the output can be grouped by month, day, or time of day to understand how topics change over time. Drag the slider control at the bottom of the visualization area to display the Trending Topics for that time period.

The list of Trending Topics found in the messages is displayed at the top of the visualization area. You can remove existing topics by clicking on the โ€˜xโ€™ next to them. You can also type in specific expressions to determine how often they appear in customer comments.

With a dot or line selected, you can click the Show Loops at the top of the page to view the associated messages. This works the same way as the Loops view in the Trending Topics report.

The Beautify button attempts to spread out the dots in the visualization area to allow you to easily view and select them. Finally, you can export the list of Loops by clicking on the Export button.

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